Mira Mesa Mondays

So everyone knows all the rage these days are food trucks... Wait, what's that you say? You don't know about this trend? Why, let me help you out from under your rock! Really though, these things are no longer the questionable roach coaches of yesteryear. They're in! I don't have a smart phone (gasp!) to help guide me to twittered-is that even a word?- locations, so it's really helpful when they all gather in one spot so I can easily get my grub on. 
That's why I got excited when I heard about Mira Mesa Mondays, located in the parking lot of the Epicentre. First time I showed up to one of these events, I somehow managed to lose $20 while standing in line for Devilicious. Don't know how I did it, but whoever lucked out and scored that cash, I hope you spent it wisely. Which means I hope you ordered so much food you wanted to puke after. Kidding..!

Even though I lost my appetite because of my own stupidity, the boyfriend ordered food from Devilicious. I just so happened to purchase a few Yelp deals of $5 for $10 worth of food at Devilicious, so he got the Cubano Grilled Cheese ($7), which came with braised pulled pork, Virgina ham, swiss cheese, pickles and a dijon aoili on sourdough. It came with a sizable and tasty side salad. The sandwich didn't blow my mind, but the bf seemed to like it.   

He also got a S'more wich, which consisted of lots of nutella and fluff (I think it was $4?). I liked the first bite, but it got really sweet really fast.
I still have my yelp deal for Devilicious, so I'll be sure to make it back before the month is over.
PS. Like those time stamps on the photos? I have got to learn how to use photoshop..

Mira Mesa Mondays
8450 Mira Mesa Boulevard (in the Epicentre parking lot)
on Mondays (duh) until the end of November from 6-9pm.

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