San Diego Restaurant Week 1 (Davanti Enoteca)

San Diego Restaurant Week is such a great time. So many restaurants get the chance to lure in potential customers, and us hungry folk get to try different places for awesome prices. Last year, SDRW added lunch to their awesome lineup, and though I didn't have the chance to try anything out then, I did this year!

With so many affordable options, it was hard to narrow it down, but my best friend and I decided we'd go with Davanti Enoteca, because they had so many dishes to choose from. I'd been to the restaurant once before, for a quick snack (the ricotta and honeycomb vasi- it was super good), so I was even more excited to further explore the menu. 

I had some serious issues trying to choose my first course, but after noticing the dish at the table next to ours, I knew I had to get the roasted corn + walnuts + aged goat cheese + arugula + wild mushrooms. The mixture of smoky and sweet corn, the peppery quality of the arugula and tanginess of the goat cheese married so well. I only wish there were more mushrooms, but even still, l loved the dish.

It's Getting Hot In Here (Tajima)

Last week it was a gajillion degrees out, so naturally, I decided it'd be a genius idea to eat soup. Does it make more sense when I tell you I was already in the area and I got to use a coupon? Either way, I went to Tajima Noodle House for lunch because I wanted to avoid the dinner crowds that this place seems to always have. With good prices, a 10% dinner discount for students and a 10% discount for lunch, plus late night hours, I totally get why there's always a wait. 

I'm a pretty big noob when it comes to Japanese cuisine, but I wanted to get an appetizer and figured the Agedashi Tofu ($3.95) would be a safe (and healthy) bet. 

Pacifica Breeze Cafe

When I'm looking for places to eat, my first go-to is Yelp.  Seriously don't know what I'd do without the tool.. I'm one of those people who reads at least the first 5 pages to get a feel for the restaurant and to see what their "standout" dishes are. 

Yelp led me to Pacifica Breeze Cafe and once again, it didn't lead me astray. The cafe is located on the level below Pacifica Del Mar (they're both under the same ownership), and has tasty lunch fare without any crazy high prices.

I had the braised short rib grilled cheese ($9.50) and a small mixed green salad. With the sandos/burgers/wraps, you can get a choice to get a side of that or yam chips or pasta salad.