Date Night (Prepkitchen)

I had date night with the bf at Prepkitchen in Little Italy this past Friday and I totally forgot how crazy it can get to find parking on a summer Friday evening down there (well anywhere in San Diego, I guess). After looking for a solid 10 minutes, we decided to just fork over the $5 for a spot in the parking lot right next to Craft & Commerce. Well worth the money. 

Our reservation was for 6:45 and we didn't get there until almost 7, but our table was ready for us in a cozy corner by the kitchen. On a beautiful day like that (who am I kidding, most days here are beautiful), it would have been nice to sit by the open windows to people watch, but I'll just remember for the next time we go. 

We started with the stuffed braised calamari ($10.50). It was meaty and flavorful and even though it was sitting in a little pool of oil, it didn't taste the least bit greasy. The breadcrumb salsa gave it that extra crunch that made the dish really memorable. 

For our entrees, the bf ordered the tagliatelle bolognese ($15.50) and I got the brick chicken ($21.75). At first I kinda balked at the price of my dish, since chicken dishes don't rank that high with me (meaty beef>chicken), but the name of the dish was fitting, this thing was seriously the size of a brick. The pasta dish was hearty and had lots of the bolognese, but after a few bites, it kinda bored me. The chicken was the clear favorite of the table. So much in fact, that the bf kept on trying to eat my dish instead of his. The chicken was super moist and I probably could have just drank the pancetta and rosemary jus. I just wish there were a bit more spinach on the plate.

The staff was extremely attentive, we got asked at least 4 times how our food was by different people over the course of our dinner. Our server also made sure to keep refilling our water, which I probably could have down without as the bottle was already on our table so it seemed like he was constantly around, but it's the thought that counts, right? Oh, and it was cucumber infused water, which is probably why I kept guzzling it down so quickly. So fresh! 

The simple (and oh so true) quote from Julia Child that they had at their top of the menu was definitely a mantra that I thought Prepkitchen held to in their dishes. Nothing was over the top with a laundry list of ingredients, it was just solid, well cooked food.

Prepkitchen Little Italy
1660 India Street
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 398-8383


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