Pacifica Breeze Cafe

When I'm looking for places to eat, my first go-to is Yelp.  Seriously don't know what I'd do without the tool.. I'm one of those people who reads at least the first 5 pages to get a feel for the restaurant and to see what their "standout" dishes are. 

Yelp led me to Pacifica Breeze Cafe and once again, it didn't lead me astray. The cafe is located on the level below Pacifica Del Mar (they're both under the same ownership), and has tasty lunch fare without any crazy high prices.

I had the braised short rib grilled cheese ($9.50) and a small mixed green salad. With the sandos/burgers/wraps, you can get a choice to get a side of that or yam chips or pasta salad. 

The short ribs were soft and the tomatoes paired well with the meat, though I wish the cheese was just a bit more prominent in the sandwich. I also appreciated that the salad wasn't one of those weak ones where you have two bites and it's gone. There was a substantial amount and had a healthy serving of feta on top (maybe even a smidge too much for my liking). 

The boyfriend had grilled pastrami sandwich with a side of pasta salad ($9.50). The pasta was forgettable, so I'm glad I stuck with the salad. His sandwich, however, was really good. 

Don't you just hate it when you like your dining companion's food more than your own? I definitely tried to eat a little too much of J's food, and he wasn't having it. The tomato-herb aioli cut through the well-cured pastrami and I liked how they put the pickled cucumbers into the sandwich instead of having it on the side like I usually get them. Now I'm getting hungry again just thinking about it. Damn.

I also had to get some gelato, mostly because if I know that an establishment offers it, I WILL get some. Love the stuff. Because I'm a horrible food blogger, I can't remember exactly what flavors and how much it was (though I know one of the flavors was definitely peanut butter). I do remember that the gelato was really mediocre, so you should probably just stick to their standard lunch offerings. 
I know, this photographs well. That ain't a pretty cup of gelato. 

The cafe also offers breakfast, so I'd definitely come back to try that as well. 

1555 Camino Del Mar
Del Mar, CA 92014
(858) 792-0476


  1. LOve your blog cause I am in San Diego too!!! New follower, your first I think! I have a foo blog too. Come and chickety check me out sometime!

Holly Foxen Wells


  2. Mmm, sammywiches! Those look pretty tasty! I hate it when I like someone else's food more, too. It just makes yours seem so less appealing. My bf and I tend to share all of our food now though so that makes it better!